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Mission - Joined up inspiration for our young people

In Gibraltar we are lucky to have a wide number of activities for the youth to engage in. Simply participate or to excel in.

It is my conviction that these should be vehicles to creating the best version of every young person possible.

Every young person whatever their background or circumstances has the right to have societal and community effort expounded on their positive development. is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to

  1. Act as the mesh between organisations interested in developing young people..some may not have youth wings or sections of their own but wish to do so.

  2. Provide a web which creates opportunities not only for those who select or are volunteered to do so but also for those in the margins who may not be aware of them.

  3. Develop non-academic educational paths where these are more appropriate than purely academic paths.

  4. Work with businesses, agencies, schools and other organisations with a view to create effective, monitored sustainable training and apprenticeship schemes whether in isolation or in conjunction with other opportunities, maximising the possibilities.

  5. Assist in the targeting of graduate education to the needs of the student and the community.

  6. Endeavour to facilitating the exposure of a passion within every young person.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ian Torrilla

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