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see n-wrs for retail I or n-wss for any other technology not covered by Corporate IT below ......

Business-IT alignment is the correspondence between the business objectives and the Information Technology (IT) requirements of an enterprise. These two factors often seem to contradict, but many economic and technical experts agree that alignment between them, maintained over time, is crucial to the success of an enterprise.



Business-IT alignment involves optimizing communication between executives who make the business decisions and IT managers who oversee the technical operations. The implementation of flexible business plans and IT architectures, as well as effective cost allocation, are critical components of any business-IT alignment effort. 

So, what can we offer you?

  • Planning & Recommendations

  • Hardware & Software Procurement

  • Day to Day Consultancy

  • Onsite & Offsite Support

  • Project Work

  • Proactive Support

  • System Resilience & Recovery

Our service typically entails agreeing a monthly allowance from which we will undertake reactive and proactive support. Any used time is passed on. Time used is measured in minutes not the nearest hour.


A helpdesk is available as a first port of call as well as an assigned Service Engineer backed by an incident logging system providing you with full transparency.


We will produce regular status and recommendation reports and will not engage you in long term contracts. 


Business Aligned IT

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